Price List

Facial Treatments
Aroma Infusion (60 mins) - $80
Customised to your skin's needs, a specialised Vitamin Alginate Mask produces instant refining and firming.
Nutrient Restorative Facial (75 mins) - $95
Layered Omega-rich concentrates work in synergy with generous massage to regenerate the skin and create blissful relaxation.

Mini Facial (30 mins) - $40
A quick refresh for the skin, using nourishing aromaceutical products
Microdermabrasion (60 mins) -  $110
A non-invasive, comfortable procedure to deeply exfoliate and polish skin, encouraging cell regeneration. Perfect for acne, pigmentation and ageing concerns.
Mini Micro (30 mins) - $65 
A fast format version of the Microdermabrasion. Ideal for teenage skin.
Peels (20 mins) - $55
Peels contain molecules small enough and powerful enough to elicit change in skin texture, tone and clarity. They provide hydration and can also strongly influence sebum levels.
Dermapen Skin Needling (60mins/longer) - $200
Needling (otherwise known as Collagen Induction Therapy) is an advanced facial technique that can drastically improve  the following areas; wrinkles and ageing, pigmentation, scarring, texture/pore size and more. This treatment works best in a course of 6 at 6 week intervals. Includes anaesthetic and Polarised Light Therapy to kick-start healing.
Upgrades: Vitamin Alginate Mask - $15
Hyper Polarised Light Therapy - $35


Relaxation/Lymphatic Drainage massage customised using Doterra essential oils.
30 mins - $40
60 mins - $70
90 mins - $95

Hands and Feet
Manicure $40/with Shellac - $55
Pedicure $45/with Shellac - $60
File/buff/paint $20/with Shellac - $35
Smooth and Buff Foot Treatment - $30
A professional grade glycolic patch is used to soften rough skin. Feet are exfoliated, buffed and moisturised, and dry and tough skin is then effortlessly scraped away leaving instantly smooth feet and heels.

Eyebrow - $18
Full Reshape - $20
Lip or Chin - $12
Underarm - $15
Bikini - from $15
Brazilian - from $50
Half Leg - $25
Full Leg - $45
Half Arm - $15
Full Arm - $25
Mens Back - from $30
Mens Chest/Stomach - from $40

Tinting and Lashes
Eyelash Tint  - $18
Eyebrow Tint - $14
Lash Lift - $45
Eyelash Tint/Eyebrow Tint/Eyebrow Wax Package - $45

Full Body Brush and Exfoliation (60 mins) - $75
A nourishing aromatic exfoliant scrubs away dead and dry skin, followed by a luxurious layer of hydration. Perfect for a change of season refresher.
Far Infrared Sauna (30 mins) - $40
Some of the many benefits of Far Infrared Heat include; skin purification and toning, immune enhancement, cellulite reduction, pain management, weight loss and toxin elimination. Suitable for everyone (pregnancy excluded.)
Polarised Light Therapy (20 mins) - $25
This Swiss technology is a medical device, cleared for pain relief and wound healing, and also greatly improves circulation. Perfect partner for massage or sauna. Its advanced colour lens system can also be used in facials to assist with acne, hydration, calming, evening out skin tone and collagen production.
Heat and Light Therapy (allow up to 60 mins) - $60
Enjoy a Far Infrared Sauna, and 20 mins of light therapy anywhere on the face or body. Recommended for: sinus, back pain, cold/flu, swollen feet, digestive issues, seasonal affective disorder, poor circulation, post surgery, restless leg syndrome, skin rejuvenation, cellulite and more. Doterra essential oils incorporated where appropriate.
Diabetic Circulatory Treatment (40 mins) - $65
Includes the Smooth and Buff Foot Treatment, Peppermint foot soak (20 mins), Polarised Light Therapy and stimulating massage. This blissful treat for the feet is suitable for everyone, but highly beneficial for those with Diabetes, where foot care is paramount.

Bridal, including trial - $150
Bridesmaid/formal - $65
Mature Skin Smoothing Make Up - $80
Make Up Lesson - $75
All make up includes false lashes if required. I stock a large range to suit individual eye shape and size. Foundation, blush, shadows, liners and brow powders available to buy, I will colour match with any purchase.